Scarlet Thread reflects the evolving Indian aesthetic. A destination for distinct pieces, interpreting the rich textile traditions represented throughout the country. Balancing between being subtle and making a statement, our character is eclectic with tasteful tones. Committed to creating effortless classics with prints, natural fabrics and dyes that celebrates timeless ethnic designs. 

The meticulous craftsmanship and quality we maintain is central to what we do, creating exclusive pieces that exist only in your wardrobe. The free-spirited, the indie or the low-key royal – all are welcome to celebrate our soulful aesthetic, narrated by the community. 

We imagine a lifestyle that’s sustainable and inclusive. Our longstanding initiative has been to create opportunities for less privileged women in rural and urban regions of the country. Our training and facilities empower these talented women to grow and become an invaluable part of the industry.

Inspired, ethical and sincere – would be the simplest way to describe our creative process.